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Torque Bike Case Study: RDS Motorcycles

Based by the harbour in Rye, Sussex, RDS Motorcycles offers professional motorcycle servicing and repairs so that riders can spend more time doing what they love. Established in 2016, the family-run company initially had little need for insurance beyond protecting their customers’ vehicles. 

But when owner Greg Grabowski began to search for the greater peace of mind offered by Public Liability Insurance, he encountered a difficult route to the right protection. That is, until the Torque Bike team used their knowledge and experience to find Business Insurance that met RDS Motorcycles’ specific needs.

To find out more, we sat down with Greg to learn more about his business and the challenges he faced when looking for insurance.

Why did you decide to start searching for Business Insurance?

In the beginning, insurance was honestly the last thing I was thinking about. When you’re a small business trying to build itself, you want to use any spare money to re-invest in the business or buy something that you can use. Things were particularly tough after going through Covid – everyone is on a budget.

But insurance gives you security. If I don’t have insurance in place and something goes wrong, I bear the brunt of it. I don’t have any investors – everything is done through me. 

How did you find out about Torque Bike?

Desperation! I had no Business Insurance when I started. It’s not a legal requirement, but when I started thinking about Public Liability Insurance, I found it really difficult to actually get it. I rang loads of insurers and kept being told ‘no’ because I hadn’t had insurance before or because they wouldn’t touch a motor trade business. It was like banging my head against a brick wall.

Eventually, another company recommended that I try Torque Bike.

How did you find the experience of getting Business Insurance with us?

Ben Bethell has been fantastic. He said he would look into things and help me. The other companies just said ‘no’ straightaway. The experience with Torque Bike was truly amazing. 

We’re now covered for everything! I can ride any motorcycle in the workshop, and all my contents, tools and machinery are covered. We also now have the Public Liability cover I wanted in place.

Do you now have more peace of mind?

Yes, I do. If the workshop is broken into or something happens, I know now that I’m covered. With no insurance in place, I would have to pay for the machinery or tools if they are broken, lost or stolen. Anything can happen in a workshop. If a chain snaps, I fit a defective part or someone is injured, I’m responsible. I would have to pay the legal fees and compensation. 

Would you recommend Torque Bike?

I would absolutely recommend them. Hardly anyone knows insurance and if you’re not in that world, it’s hard to understand. When you read the documents, it doesn’t mean anything to you. But Ben explained things simply in a way I could understand. 

Working with someone who is interested in motorcycles is also good because there is a common interest there. You know you’re not going to have a boring conversation with them. You’ve got stuff to relate to. Ben also understood the business side of things.

Honestly, I wouldn’t go anywhere else.

What are your aspirations for the business going forward?

I want to grow and offer a complete range of services. Essentially, I want us to become the one-stop shop for motorcycle repairs. We recently bought an MOT bay, which was the final bit of the puzzle. Further down the road, I’d like to open another shop – that’s the ultimate goal!

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