Arranging Listed Building Home Insurance can be a minefield. Whether you live in a listed cottage, converted water tower, windmill or lighthouse, we can help you get it right, so you have the peace of mind of knowing you're adequately protected.

    • More than 30 years’ experience in Home Insurance for listed buildings
    • Policies underwritten by an A-rated insurer
    • Accidental damage covered as standard
    • Alternative accommodation cover if your home is uninhabitable
    • Cover for listed holiday homes 
    • Dedicated Claims team to provide support when things go wrong
    • Monthly, interest-free payment terms available
What is a listed building?

Listed buildings are structures that have special historic or architectural interest, such as an Elizabethan manor house or a building constructed by a famous architect. Because of this importance, they have been included on a list to ensure that their structures and appearances are protected for future generations. 

Depending on the building’s significance, they are given a grade. In England, these grades are decided by an organisation known as Historic England, which classifies listed buildings as Grade I, II or II*. The most significant buildings are Grade I.

The difference between Grade I and Grade II buildings is that the former are for buildings of the very highest significance, such as Buckingham Palace. Grade II buildings, on the other hand, are of special interest and affect the vast majority of listed homeowners. 

A listed building in Scotland has a different grading system, which is decided by Historic Environment Scotland. This grading system designates buildings as Grade A, B or C. A Grade A listed building in Scotland is the highest ranked, denoting a building of national or international importance. A Grade B listed building has regional or outside local importance, and Grade C identifies buildings of local significance.

Do I need special insurance for a listed building?

Listed buildings require a little more protection than that provided by standard Home Insurance because any damage to them can be costly to fix.

Repairs are likely to need permission by a local authority to make sure the appearance of the building is preserved. It is also likely that you will need specialist materials and skilled craftspeople to make the repairs. This will extend the time needed to make repairs and increase the cost.

Your special property may also contain valuable items, such as an art collection or jewellery. Having the right Listed Building Home Insurance in place means that you can get the right protection for both your property’s structure and its contents.

What does Listed Building Home Insurance cover?

Home Insurance for listed buildings includes cover for both the structure and its contents. It can be tailored to suit your unique property and its needs, but it generally includes the following:

  • Buildings Insurance: To protect the structure of your property by covering the cost of repairs or rebuilding.
  • Contents Insurance: To repair or replace items in your property that are damaged, lost or stolen. 
  • Accidental Damage: Financial protection for unintentional damage.
  • Public Liability Insurance: Financial protection should a member of the public be injured or their property damaged by your home.
  • Personal Items Insurance: Cover for the theft, loss or damage for personal items such as mobile phones, clothes and handbags. This can be extended to include high-value items such as jewellery. 

Find out more about the cover available in Listed House Insurance.

Why choose us for Listed Building Home Insurance?

We’ve been arranging House Insurance for listed buildings, barn conversions and thatched properties across the UK for more than 30 years. As such, we know how important it is to get the correct sums insured for your listed property. 

From modern listed buildings to police call boxes and converted nuclear bunkers, we've seen it all and helped owners put suitable Listed Building Home Insurance in place for their unique and cherished homes. And, if anything does go wrong, our in-house Claims team manages the entire process, reducing the stress and worry involved with repairs and rebuilds.

How do I arrange insurance for listed buildings?

In many ways, arranging Listed House Insurance is the same as for a regular home, although you may need higher sums insured. Typically, listed buildings cost more to repair and rebuild than regular homes. Having the correct sums insured means that claim values are less likely to fall short of your needs. 

To start arranging Listed Home Insurance for your property, get in contact with our knowledgeable team.

Why does Listed Building House Insurance cost more?

If you own a listed building, you are required, by law, to maintain the structure – and its fittings – in its original state. As such, you may need to use specialist or unusual materials to repair any damage. In addition, you may need specialist professionals to complete any works to ensure you get the same quality finish.

Plus, it's not just the main building governed by these laws. Boundary walls and outbuildings are often listed and must be repaired so that they are in keeping with the original. 

As a result, the cost to rebuild or repair a listed property is typically higher than that of a standard home. 

We recommend enlisting the services of a specialist surveyor to assess the value of your home. Over the years, we've built up strong relationships with several surveyors and would be happy to recommend someone suitable. 

How much does Listed Building House Insurance cost?

Every quote for Listed Property Insurance is personalised to your home, in line with the specific risks you face.

Whether it's Grade I or Grade II listed – or Category A, B or C in Scotland – you can rest assured that we will seek the most suitable premium and review your Listed House Insurance each year to make sure you’re getting the best price we can offer.

Can One Broker insure homes that aren’t listed?

Of course!

We can provide you with quotes for standard Home Insurance, as well as Non-Standard Home Insurance and High-Value Home Insurance. Simply call our Personal Insurance team to find out more.

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