At One Indemnity, we have a range of policies designed to deal with a range of title defects for new developments.  

This can include issues such as right to light, restrictive covenants, absence of easement, mineral rights and more.

Please note that we only provide cover for freehold properties.

If you are buying or selling your property only, for continued use, please contact your conveyancing solicitor.

Why should I choose One Indemnity for my insurance?

Our legal indemnity solutions are always tailored for the specific transaction in hand.

We place insurance with A-rated capacity, can provide quick turnaround of quotes and prompt service.

Are these policies like other insurance products?

No. They are one-off insurance policies, which remain in place in perpetuity or for a set time period. As such, they do not need to be renewed each year. 

How can I find out more about Legal Indemnity Insurance?

Get in touch with James Skilleter on 01603 218232 or email

Continued Use Policy Cover

If you are a homeowner selling a property, OR in the process of purchasing a property on a continued use basis (e.g. no development is intended requiring cover), please note that One Indemnity is no longer providing these policies directly to individuals.

For cover, please contact your conveyancing solicitor.