Having worked alongside English language schools for a number of years, One Education knows that Student Travel Insurance is a vital provision. To ensure your students have the right protection while studying abroad, our insurers, Ortus Underwriting, provide a wide range of protection to our clients. The cost of this insurance can be included within your course fees, or sold as an optional extra.

Cover includes:

  • Cancellation, curtailment and course fees, up to £7,500
  • Up to £10 million medical expenses, including coronavirus cases
  • Emergency mental health or dental treatment
  • Personal belongings, up to £2,000
  • Work experience (dependant on activities being undertaken)
  • £50 excess

Optional extensions:

  • Cover for valuables up to £300
  • Excess protection (waiver of £50 excess)
  • Natural disaster cover in respect of cancellation

What is International Student Travel Insurance?

Sometimes known as ‘Inbound Travel Insurance’ or ‘Exchange Student Insurance’, it is a policy designed for international students who want to travel to the UK in order to study English. It can cover students aged between 6-70, including school children and university students.

We have two types of policy available:

Group Policy: This allows you to offer Student Travel Insurance as an optional extra.

Commercial: This allows you to include the cost of a policy within the total course fees.

Both policies cover: cancellation, curtailment and course fees; medical expenses; personal belongings; personal liability and personal accident. Find out more.

Please note that medical expenses incurred as a result of coronavirus are covered while the student is travelling to or from the UK.

Are medical expenses covered by the NHS?

In some instances, yes. However, this is dependent on a number of factors, including the student’s country of origin and the treatment required. However, it is recommended that International Student Travel Insurance is in place as it provides protection against more than just medical expenses.

Are pre-existing medical conditions excluded?

No. While many other insurance products cannot provide cover for such, we do not exclude pre-existing conditions, providing the student is declared fit to travel. However, the student should not travel against medical advice or after a terminal prognosis and cannot be travelling for the purposes of obtaining medical treatment.

There is no cover in respect of medication or treatment that was known about at the time of departure to be required or to be continued outside the country of residence.

Is there a maximum trip length?

We would not expect any student to be in the UK for more than 12 months.

Is there a minimum age limit?

Yes. 6 years old, and the child must be a student studying with you for International Student Travel Insurance to apply. 

We are running a series of online courses. Is the student still covered by the policy?

This is a travel policy designed for studying abroad in the UK. Remote courses that do not include any travel will not be covered.

Does ‘cancellation cover’ apply to cancellation due to Covid-19?

Yes. If a trip is cancelled before commencement directly and necessarily as a result of (a) illness caused by COVID-19 of an Insured Person, or, (b) an Insured Person receiving a positive diagnosis of COVID-19 following an official PCR test, a claim will be considered by your insurer subject to providing evidence to support the claim.

If you have a current policy with us, then this cover change will apply at your policy renewal.

A claim cannot be made under Section 2 – Course Fees, as the school may issue a refund or credit for a change of travel dates.

If a student contracts coronavirus in the UK and cannot travel, are student and school costs covered if we have to stay open to provide care?

If a student is ill with coronavirus, resulting in a valid claim under Section 3 – Medical Expenses, then cover would also include reasonable and necessary costs for travel and accommodation of the student in returning home. For instance, the cost to change a flight or extended (or alternative) accommodation.

In this instance, we recommend you contact the claims management team for specific advice.

If a student is due to fly but can’t because their government has restricted travel, can they make a claim?

No. The policy will not cover regulations, border restrictions or orders made by any Public Authority or Government. This applies to both the country of origin and the destination.

Emergency dental cover for relief of pain and discomfort is included, but what about actual dental work? Does this fall under the ‘Up to £10 million’ medical expenses?

No. We provide £500 of cover for the emergency relief of pain only. Full dental work would need to be completed at their own cost.

Supplementary travel cover is £5,000 – can this be increased?

No. We believe this limit is sufficient based on previous claims data.

Can work experience include manual activity?

These are considered on a case by case basis. Please provide as much information as possible so that we can make an informed decision.