Group Private Medical Insurance (or Group PMI) is a valuable employee benefit for your business. It gives your staff reassurance that they will receive first-class service in the event of an illness, while helping to reduce periods of absence within your organisation. Our team of professional advisers at One PMI can advise on the right level of cover for your business and your team.

  • Policies start at £8 per employee per month
  • Range of healthcare options available
  • Cover provided by leading health insurers
  • Reduced employee absence
  • Improved retention and recruitment rates

What is Group Private Medical Insurance?

Also known as Group Healthcare Insurance, Group PMI is designed to provide access to healthcare professionals in the event of ill health. It typically supplements care provided by the NHS, reducing waiting times for consultation, diagnosis or treatment, so your employees get back on their feet, fast.

Why choose us for Group Private Medical Insurance?

Our One PMI team is dedicated to providing a personal service. They get to know your business and your team, before advising on appropriate levels of private healthcare based on your needs. They will clearly explain the benefits of each option so you can make an informed decision about the policy you choose.

How much does Group PMI cost?

We can arrange policies starting from as little as £8 per employee per month. The basic level of cover provides full GP access, 24/7, prescription delivery, up to 5 physiotherapy sessions, online health checks and medical health support helplines. Get in touch to find out more.

How does Company Health Insurance work?

Initially, you’ll choose the level of care you’d like to provide, before setting up a policy for some – or all – of your employees.

If they get sick, they can choose to see their NHS doctor or use the insurer’s online GP service (if available). The GP will give them a diagnosis or referral for further tests and treatment if needed.

In this case, they will receive a referral letter to send to your insurer, who will help them choose the right specialists and hospitals for their care. Invoices will be sent to the insurer for payment, minus the value of any excess.

Prescription services are often available too, delivering medicine to home or work addresses.

What are the business benefits of private healthcare?

Two of the main benefits to your business are reduced rates of absence and improved retention rates.

Private Medical Insurance is a valuable employee benefit, ensuring staff remain loyal to your business, reducing staff turnover. It also means that your employees have access to regular health checks, see a doctor faster and return to work in a much shorter time frame, so periods of absence are reduced.

What does Group Private Medical Insurance cover?

It can cover a range of costs, from dental care and eye appointments, through to physiotherapy and cancer treatment. These may be inpatients, outpatients and at-home treatment. The specifics of your policy are dependent on the levels of cover you select.

Take a look at what is typically included.

Does Group Private Medical Insurance cover mental health and stress?

Yes. In most cases this can be included in your cover.

Given the growing awareness of mental health issues and stress, most healthcare providers cover the diagnosis, counselling sessions and medical treatment when needed.