What is Warehouse Insurance?

Warehouse Insurance is designed for commercial buildings that are used for storing any kind of stock. It can include Commercial Property Insurance, Warehouse Contents Insurance and Warehouse Stock Insurance. It has been developed to protect businesses against the unique risks associated with warehouses.

Some warehouses are purpose built, while others may be converted from different buildings. Depending on their age, there may be important considerations concerning construction materials or security, or flood or fire protection.

Warehouses can contain large amounts of stock, which can be extremely expensive to replace if lost, stolen or damaged. The risk may be increased if the goods are flammable, fragile, perishable or attractive to thieves.

Getting the right advice is therefore critical.

What is covered by Warehouse Insurance in the UK?

If you are the owner of a warehouse, your insurance protection should include Commercial Property Insurance. If you are renting the space, you may need to cover the warehouse as part of the contract with your landlord. Either way, your racking can also be incorporated into the building sum insured.

Warehouse Contents Insurance is also a typical feature. It protects office equipment (such as computers and chairs) and can be extended to include machinery and equipment, such as forklifts. 

Warehouse Stock Insurance can be provided for your own stock or third party stock. Storing third party stock can be complex in terms of the contractual and insurance responsibilities for loss of or damage to it. 

Additional covers, such as Employers’ Liability, Public Liability and Business Interruption Insurance, are also important to consider.

How much does Warehouse Insurance in the UK cost?

The cost of Warehouse Insurance in the UK will naturally depend on the types of cover you need to include.

Location, construction methods and the type, volume and value of the stock being held in your warehouse will all have an impact on the cost. The level of security in place at the site will also be influential.

Flood and fire exposure are significant factors for insurance underwriters to consider when determining premium levels.

Why choose us for Warehouse Insurance?

Our dedicated and experienced team will get to know your business and its needs and risks to create a policy just for you. With full market access and 24/7, all-year-round claims assistance thanks to our online facility, you will be supported throughout your policy.