If your home stands apart from regular, run-of-the-mill houses, you may need a Home Insurance policy that is specifically tailored for the different risks that may exist. Finding the right cover for a home that is listed, isn’t built of regular materials, is unoccupied or situated in a riskier location, for instance, can be difficult. But with one of our experienced Non-Standard Home Insurance brokers, you can find cover that suits you and your property’s unique needs.

  • Independent Non-Standard Home Insurance brokers who are able to find a product suited to your individual requirements
  • Policies available for homes with unique or unusual construction materials and methods, including Thatched Property Insurance
  • Cover for listed homes and those in conservation areas
  • Home Insurance for properties in high-risk areas
  • A UK-based team
  • An in-house Claims Team

What is Non-Standard Home Insurance?

Non-Standard Home Insurance is designed to cover properties that are a little different.

They may have more unusual building methods or materials, be found in a conservation area or be unoccupied for long periods of time. A prefabricated property, eco home or holiday home could all fall into this category.

Non-Standard Home Insurance therefore offers more tailored Buildings and Contents Insurance to protect these homes, which have unique risks and needs that may not be covered by regular Home Insurance.

What is non-standard construction?

When you buy regular Home Insurance, insurers generally offer protection for homes that are built of brick or stone, and have roof tiles or slate on a pitched roof.

However, not all homes are built this way.

Perhaps your home has a thatched roof, is made of steel, or has a modular or prefabricated construction. Or maybe you built your home yourself, or you live in a noteworthy place such as an old lighthouse, converted chapel or watermill. No matter which option applies to you, a property that is built with methods or materials that fall outside of the above remit can be deemed as non-standard.

How can I tell if a house is of non-standard construction?

The majority of insurance companies class a standard home as one largely constructed of brick, block or stone with a pitched roof covered in slate or tiles. 

Anything other than this could be considered as non-standard for the purpose of an insurance policy.

Other construction features of a home can also be classed as non-standard. A timber or steel frame is often seen as non-standard, even if it finished with a brick exterior.

Finally, if your home is listed, it’s probably a non-standard building. This is because listed homes are made of traditional materials and have been built via traditional methods.

If you’re unsure, ask your insurance company or broker to provide you with advice. Alternatively, you can commission a detailed survey to be carried out by an RICS registered surveyor. This survey will not only flag up any issues, but it will also identify your home’s construction type.

Just because your home isn’t of standard construction it doesn’t mean you won’t be able to obtain insurance. It also doesn’t mean that you will have to pay inflated premiums. The insurance company will just want to consider any additional risk posed by the construction type. In the majority of cases, a normal policy and premium will follow the insurer’s assessment.

Do I need Non-Standard Home Insurance?

You are not required by law to have Non-Standard Home Insurance. 

However, regular Home Insurance may not give you the additional financial protection you need for your unique home. This is because houses built from non-standard materials or using non-standard methods are likely to be more expensive to repair, replace or restore. The materials themselves may be more expensive, or the skills needed to handle them could be more specialist, driving up the cost and risks.

Your home may also be in a more risky location, such as in a place likely to flood. Without tailored cover for incidents such as this, you may not have the protection you need. Homes that are under probate, unoccupied, under renovation or being used as a second or holiday home may also be difficult to insure under a regular Home Insurance policy.

You may also need a Non-Standard Home Insurance broker’s help if you have some unusual circumstances or own a unique collection. The list below gives some ideas of situations we have been able to assist with:

  • Liability cover for an exotic pet collection of llamas, alpacas and emus kept in a paddock at a private home.
  • A former blacksmith’s forge, attached to a private home, which had been turned into a BBQ and entertainment area.
  • Cover for a unique collection of football match day programs for every match a football fan’s club had played since the 1950s. 
  • A house with a former windmill attached, which had been turned into an art studio and exhibition area.

To find out if your property needs Non-Standard Home insurance, talk to our team today.

What does Non-Standard Home Insurance cover?

Non-Standard Home Insurance quotes will offer combined cover of Buildings Insurance and Contents Insurance. 

Like regular Home Insurance, this will protect your property from incidents such as fire, flood, theft and subsidence.

However, Non-Standard Home Insurance will go one step further and offer additional protection that will be tailored to the unique needs of your home.

This could mean that it will cover a higher rebuild cost, or has additional protection for homes that have had subsidence or are at a greater risk of flood or fire. It could also take into consideration the need for alternative accommodation if your property becomes uninhabitable and restoration is likely to take a long time.

To find out what Non-Standard Home Insurance your property needs, speak to an experienced member of the One Broker team.

Do you provide Non-Standard Home Insurance?

Yes, we can arrange Non-Standard Home Insurance for a wide range of properties. From self-built homes to lighthouses and everything in between.

Examples include a converted windmill, blacksmith’s forge – and we can arrange cover for them all. High-Value Home Insurance and John Albion Insurance (for thatched and unusual properties) are also available.

Can you cover holiday homes?

We are confident that our dedicated Holiday Home Insurance will help you to cover your holiday home. Simply get in touch with us to find out more.

How much does Non-Standard Home Insurance cost?

Non-Standard Home Insurance quotes will be based on a number of factors, which will help to determine your risk to the insurer and how much cover you need.

These include:

  • The local environment and crime rates
  • What your home is made out of
  • How old the property is
  • Any security or fire measures in place
  • The value of your possessions inside the property
  • If the property is listed
  • The use and occupancy of the house
  • Its rebuild cost
  • Additional buildings such as annexes and outhouses

To get an accurate quote, you can talk to an experienced Non Standard Home Insurance broker at One Broker.