Your home is so much more than bricks and mortar. Whether it’s your castle, your sanctuary, your investment or all of these and more, getting the right insurance protection is vital. At One Broker, our experienced team likes to keep things simple. They work with you to arrange the right levels of cover for the risks you face, so you have complete peace of mind.

  • Independent insurance broker able to search the market
  • Non-Standard Home Insurance available for unique and unusual properties
  • Policies available for listed properties and those in conservation areas
  • UK-based team
  • In-house Claims team

Why choose us for your Home Insurance?

Our experienced team has arranged Home Insurance for many years, covering homes of all shapes and sizes. Unlike online comparison sites, we take time to get to know you and your home, before searching a panel of carefully selected insurers to find cover that meets your needs.

How much is Home Insurance?

The price varies depending on a range of factors. The price can be affected by the rebuild value (the estimated cost to rebuild your property after an insured event), previous claims history and the value of your contents.

We’ll work with you to create a free, no-obligation quote that’s tailored to your needs. Get a quote today.

What’s the difference between Buildings & Contents Insurance?

Buildings Insurance protects the fabric of your property. This means the walls, floors and ceilings.

Contents refers to your personal belongings, which are kept at the property.

You can buy both independently, but they are often grouped together under the heading ‘home insurance’.

Do I need Home Insurance?

By law, no. However, if you have a mortgage, your provider is likely to require a defined level of Buildings Insurance as a condition of your loan. Even if you don’t have a mortgage, it’s important to take out appropriate cover, so you can protect your home and possessions against unforeseen events.

If you are renting your home, or are a leaseholder, you may only need Contents Insurance, because Buildings Insurance is likely to be provided by the freeholder.

Do you provide Non-Standard Home Insurance?

Yes, we can arrange Non-Standard Home Insurance for a wide range of properties. From self-built homes to lighthouses and everything in between.

Examples include a converted windmill, blacksmith’s forge – and we can arrange cover for them all. High-Value Home Insurance and John Albion Insurance (for thatched and unusual properties) are also available.

I have an unusual collection. Can you insure it?

Yes, we can. We’ve insured some really unusual items in the past, including a unique Star Wars figure collection, a selection of 80s arcade machines, an extensive collection of military artefacts dating back to the 16th century and even an original Dalek that appeared on Dr Who!

My home has had subsidence in the past. Can I get Home Insurance?

Yes, in most cases. We will need to take some details about the event and the nature of repairs before we can arrange a quote, but we’re confident we can arrange suitable protection.

Is Home Insurance suitable for holiday homes?

Unfortunately not. However, Holiday Home Insurance is available to protect these properties. Contact us to find out more.

I want to list my property on AirBnB. Can I get insurance for this?

Yes, but Home Insurance usually isn’t sufficient. You will need to arrange a cover extension for the additional risks. Get in touch to find out more.