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Motorcycle Test Ride Insurance: A Guide

Running a motorcycle dealership can be complex, with many different risks involved. In this article, the Torque Bike team explores the topic of Test Ride Insurance. From the business benefits to the typical coverage, they explain it all.  

As with any considered purchase, it’s only natural that customers will want to get to grips with a new motorbike before they buy it. And while a test drive makes sense in a standard motor trade setting, it can be more complicated when motorcycles are involved. 

That’s where Unaccompanied Demonstration Insurance comes in. It can provide your business with vital protection while allowing your customers to get a feel for the bike – encouraging a sale. 

Can a customer test drive a motorcycle without insurance?

They don’t necessarily need their own insurance to do a test ride if your business has the right insurance in place. 

Typically referred to as ‘Unaccompanied Demonstration Insurance’, this policy extension covers risks resulting from customers trying out your motorcycles. 

While this is a standard feature of Torque Bike motorcycle motor trade policies, it’s not included with every product. Be sure to check your policy wording before allowing unaccompanied demonstrations. 

Unaccompanied Test Drive Insurance: What does it cover?

There are usually 4 core elements to a policy:

    • Injury to the driver or the public
    • Damage to third party property  
    • Theft of the motorcycle or your trade plates
    • Damage or destruction of the motorbike

It can be added to your existing Motorcycle Motor Trade policy to give you protection. You just need to speak to your insurer or broker to find out more.

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Motorcycle Test Rides: Key Considerations

If you’re allowing test rides, we recommend finding out more about the customer’s riding experience before letting them out on the road. This will allow you to gauge whether they’re going to be safe on your motorcycles. Of course, incidents can crop up with the most experienced riders, but it will help you assess the risk. 

We recommend that you ask the following questions: 

    • For a photo ID (typically a driver’s licence)
    • Their age (availability of unaccompanied demo insurance varies across age groups)
    • How long have they been riding?
    • What do they normally ride (engine size, biker style etc)?
    • Are they confident?
    • For their licence so you can check the following with the DVLA:
      • Can they legally ride the bike?
      • Do they have any driving convictions (inc. pending)? 
      • Do they have more than six penalty points?
    • What’s their claims experience? 
    • Do they intend to take a pillion passenger?
    • Them to complete a rider declaration form.
    • Can you keep hold of their current keys/paperwork for security?

Insurers often leave this to your discretion with the expectation that such checks will be in place. However, insurers can vary in their approach so be sure to check with your broker in case there is specific criteria you need to follow.   

If your dealership has enough employees, consider following along behind the ride. If not, add a simple GPS tracker to the vehicle, so you can monitor for issues. 

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