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Tenant Management Organisation Case Study

One Broker speaks to Amie Merry, Chief Officer at Dovecotes TMO in Wolverhampton. She tells us about some of the challenges of running a tenant management organisation (TMO) and the benefits of working with an insurance broker who has a clear understanding of the organisation. 

How many properties and residents does Dovecotes TMO look after? 

We have 770 tenancies on the estate.

What does your role involve? 

I am the Chief Officer. I am responsible for the management of 8 employees who carry out operational functions relating to repairs and tenancy management on the estate. 

I am also part of the executive team for the organisation, working alongside the Board, ensuring the organisation meets its targets, carries out its mission and vision and sets strategic objectives. 

When did you first get involved with Dovecotes TMO? 

March 2019.

How have things changed in that time? 

Politically and locally we have adapted our approach to provide a better and more targeted service to our customers.

Has the Grenfell Tower tragedy resulted in any changes for your TMO? 

Yes and no.

We don’t have any buildings with cladding or shared areas where an evacuation plan has been required. However, the focus on health and safety and helping to protect and educate tenants about fire safety has intensified.

What are the biggest challenges of running a tenant management organisation? 

Leadership can be an issue for tenant managed organisations. We operate on a volunteer basis, which means it can be difficult to recruit new board members and attract those with the skills needed to effectively govern the organisation.

That said, our board is positive in its approach to training and development. We have made some real headway in increasing skills and knowledge.

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How did you come across One Broker? 

A recommendation from another TMO.

How has Account Executive Phil Smith surprised you? 

Phil is always at the end of the phone. I did not expect to have the level of personalisation in his approach to the business. He is knowledgeable, friendly and does not blind the board with the science of insurance. He is well-liked by our board and respected for his honesty and independent approach. Phil also knows how TMOs operate and was able to design the cover we needed so it was appropriate and fit for our organisation. 

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What have been the benefits of working with One Broker? 

Communication, value for money, knowledge, trust and continuity. 

Would you recommend One Broker’s services? 


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