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Lockdown Life: Phil Smith

In the first of a series of articles about life during the pandemic, Account Executive Phil Smith gives us a rundown of his day. From early starts to client calls and childcare challenges, he explains how he stays focused and productive during the coronavirus lockdown.

5:45: Wake up. Shower.
I always get up early. When I’m in the office, I have to leave the house by 7am, so I’m sticking to this habit during lockdown.

6:00: Cup of coffee.
It’s the only way to start the day!

6:10: Finish yawning.

6:15: Create an action plan.
I always work from an action plan because it keeps my mind on track.

I make sure that, priority-wise, I know what I'm doing throughout the day. It also helps with the objectives I want to meet and the things that I want to do later in the week.

It’s just a tick list but it helps me get the groundwork done. Things like replying to emails, updating LinkedIn and social media all go on there.

6:30: Emails and social media.
I get my emails out to insurers first thing in the morning because I tend to hear back in the afternoon.

I also like to use this time to update my Twitter and LinkedIn accounts to share useful tips and industry knowledge with my connections.

7:00: 3-year-old son wakes up.

7:01: Make (decaf) tea for pregnant wife.

7:30: Enjoy breakfast with family.

8:30: Catch-up calls with clients.
I've spoken to a lot of Tenant Management Organisations (TMOs) and Housing Co-operatives in recent weeks.

I make a point of connecting with them to make sure they're okay. I want to find out how they're doing and what their setups are like. A lot are working from home, while others are still in the office but have set up social distancing. They have to carry on working because they have a duty of care to residents and the council.

We discuss a lot of things, like adapting to the changes with working from home, reassuring them their insurance cover protects equipment away from the office and so on. I’ve also had lots of queries about what they should do if employees are unable to attend work due to self-isolation. I want them to have confidence in their actions, ensuring they reflect the best interests of the TMO and its employees.

Yesterday I spoke to Friday Hill TMO about their insurance. I walked them through a particular cover they had and how to take advantage of its free policy benefit, rradar legal services, via their Management Liability Policy with AXA Insurance. They came back to me today and said they had attended one of rradar’s virtual training sessions and really enjoyed it. It actually nailed a query they had with regards to employment law.

10.30: Connect with One Broker Team.
It’s great to keep in touch with the team via Zoom. We have a weekly catch-up session to share ideas, goals, highs and lows. It’s a good morale booster.

11:30: Online learning.
I joined a few members of the team on an insurance company’s COVID-19 webinar. It explored the impact that the pandemic is having on business and gave a greater insight and understanding of insurer policy wordings.

We have a real focus on learning at One Broker. We try to keep our knowledge up-to-date so we can deliver an excellent service to our clients.

12:30: Enjoy lunch with my family.

13:00: Help client with a claim.
I took a call from a client who needed guidance and support with a potential claim on their Business Interruption cover. I made sure they had the right information to support the claim before liaising with insurers to ensure it progresses quickly. I want to give my clients an understanding of what information is required and what the next steps are so they feel confident and supported throughout the process.

14:00: Admin.
I tied up any loose ends before handing the baton over to my wife.

14:30: My wife starts her working day.
My wife and I both work full-time and juggle childcare for our 3-year-old son, so she works in the afternoon.

14:31: Playtime.
I built an assault course in the garden for Jakson. We played with Paw Patrol action figures, saved farm animals from a dinosaur attack, danced to Baby Shark in the kitchen 3 times in a row and ran away from a bear – all the fun jobs involved with keeping your child energised and happy!

18:00: Enjoy dinner with my family.

19:00: Jakson’s bedtime.
The bedtime routine starts at 19:00 and Jakson’s usually asleep by 19:30. We've got a good routine with him so that's one lucky thing.

20:00: Unwind.
It’s time to relax. My wife still has her laptop open to do a bit more work, but I've decided to unwind with a cup of tea and biscuit (or 3).

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