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Storm Damage: Home Insurance Claims Advice

Living in Britain, most of us know that the weather is unpredictable; that the sky can go from brilliant blue to dark and stormy in a matter of moments. And while we may be able to prepare ourselves for the bad weather, it’s often more difficult for our homes. With that in mind, Director Shaun Lenton shares some steps to help you get ready for a storm and explains how to make a Home Insurance claim for storm damage. 

Seek out Pre-Loss Advice

Prevention is always better than cure when it comes to storm damage, so it’s best to avoid or minimise the impact wherever possible.

To assist with this, many insurers can provide advice and tips to help you avoid damage or unnecessary losses. A quick Google search of your insurer’s name plus ‘storm damage’ should help you find useful documentation. These should outline steps you can take to keep your home in good condition to minimise the impact of the elements.

If you know that your home is located in an area susceptible to flooding, stay up to date with Environment Agency and Met Office weather warnings. There is also a 24-hour helpline called Floodline, which can give you advice.

It is also worth have equipment at home to protect your property and minimise storm damage. Contact your local authority or DIY shop for sandbags if bad weather is forecast.

Create an Action Plan

Knowing what to do in the event of a flood can help you to stay safe and calm in the event of a storm. 

Create an action plan in advance of an emergency. In the document, detail where you and your family should evacuate to and when. It should also include a list of items you could move upstairs in the event of a flood warning.

Be sure to include the emergency contact details for your utility companies, such as water and electricity. They can advise on how to isolate services and help you with any damage or disruption to services. 

Report Storm Damage Early 

Let your insurance broker or insurer know about the damage as soon as possible. They can tell you what the next steps are.

If the property is safe to enter, they will usually ask for photos and documentation of the damage suffered, so they can assess the claim. If you’ve suffered a major loss, they may send out a loss assessor to fully understand what happened and the storm damage suffered.

Remember: do not dispose of any damaged contents unless you have been advised to do so by the emergency services. These will be assessed as part of your claim, so evidence of damage may be needed by the insurer. 

Use Insurer Facilities

Most insurers can provide equipment, such as dehumidifiers, to help you with the cleanup process and dry out any water damage. This will make life much easier for you during a difficult time. 

Contact Us

If you have any questions about the storm damage cover included within your Home Insurance policy or you’d like to discuss the claims process in more detail, contact the Personal Lines team on 01223 792265.

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