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Introducing Shaun Lenton

With more than 35 years of experience in Car Insurance, Director Shaun Lenton tells us about his career in broking, his motoring memories and the vehicle he’d most like to own. 

When did you start working in insurance?

My insurance career began in 1986. I plied my trade at an insurance company for 5 years and gained valuable underwriting skills. My employer at the time dealt with a lot of very famous footballers and singers so it was a very interesting role. After that, I moved to a motor broker and then joined NW Brown Insurance Brokers [now part of the One Broker group] 25 years ago. 

How has your role changed in that time?

I started off managing Motor Insurance clients while arranging household policies. A couple of years later, my boss left, which meant I went from being the manager to being the director. I haven’t looked back since. 

Over the years, I’ve moved into what we describe as ‘Private Client Insurance’. I work with interesting individuals who typically have complex requirements. They may have a large house, perhaps a small fleet of cars, a holiday home abroad, that type of thing, all while overseeing the Personal Lines team. 

It’s an interesting job. It doesn’t involve sitting in an office five days a week; I go out and see my clients and build relationships with them. I think it’s very important for me to see what we’re being asked to provide insurance cover for.

Relationships are really important to me. Because of that, I’ve begun to move on from my original generation of clients and now deal with their children. I remember going to see a client 15-20 years ago and his son was 10 years old. We now insure the son’s car and house as well as the parents’! 

How has insurance changed?

The internet has changed things in a big way. If you want to buy insurance at 3am, you can. But it’s definitely a case of buyer beware. If you don’t put your details in right, the insurer will take the view that it’s your problem. If you input a piece of information that invalidates the policy, there is no comeback. If you put in the wrong details, however innocently, you may not have the protection you think. 

At One Broker, we pride ourselves in providing a wrap-around service and always give advised sales. It means we give advice and arrange suitable cover on a case by case basis. Our clients can trust that they have the right cover for the risks they face. 

What is the Classic Vehicle Scheme?

It’s an insurance scheme designed for vehicle enthusiasts of every kind. If it’s got wheels, we can probably insure it for you! Whether it’s a vintage bus, a tank or a modern classic, we can help.

Why is it unique?

One of our USPs is the fact that we can cover eclectic collections, which is unusual. 

For instance, if you have a 1930’s MG, there might be 5 brokers that can quote on it. If you then buy a WW2 Willys Jeep, your current broker may not be able to do that because they only insure classic cars. You’ll need to find another broker that specialises in military vehicles.

If you’re not devoted to one specific brand or type of vehicle, you may end up with multiple brokers or insurers, which can get complicated!

At One Broker, we thought that there must be an easier way to manage the process. That’s why we decided to bring it all together. You can speak to one person who can arrange insurance for all of your vehicles. Even better, we can arrange it so that they’re all on one policy so you don’t have 10 policies and 10 renewal dates. 

What’s the most unusual collection you’ve come across?

That’s a difficult one! I see lots of interesting things! 

I was recently invited to view a new client’s collection and found not only a fantastic selection of cars but the most amazing assortment of spare parts and memorabilia. If I need a “new” headlamp for a Model T Ford I now know where to go! 

Owning a classic car is often described as a labour – you can’t pop over to the garage and get a new set of bulbs! This client regularly goes to America to add parts to his collection. It allows him to restore and maintain his vehicles.

I probably spent too long looking at his wonderful collections of cars and spares. Quite honestly, I could have been in a museum!

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Tell us about one of your earliest car-related memories.

I was brought up in a period where everyone had a Ford. My Dad would always buy a Ford and some of my fondest childhood memories involve three generations of my family somehow fitting into his Mark 2 Ford Escort for a day out. Seatbelts weren’t compulsory back then!

I also remember Dad popping up the bonnet when we’d broken down and changing the fan belt. Those were the days when you could fix your car without the use of a computer! 

If you could own any vehicle from any point in history, what would it be and why?

If I could own any car from any period it would absolutely, 100%, be a Ford Escort RS2000.

When I was 14-15, I was really into motorsport and it was the car of choice for every rally driver. Pretty much all the cool characters on TV had one too. It was THE car. 

Even today, with a few tweaks, it keeps up with the modern stuff. Unfortunately, I haven’t got £50,000 to buy one now! A Ford Escort RS 2000 would definitely be my thing.

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