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Renters will gain the right to pets under Government proposals

With pet ownership soaring, renters have been increasingly on the hunt for homes that will allow their furry friends to join them. However, the availability of pet-friendly rental properties has not kept up with demand, leading to a severe shortage of homes. In acknowledgement of this, the government has included measures on pet ownership in its recently published Rental Reform White Paper.

Associate Director Rob Mills of our Lettings Insurance department explains more…

Pet ownership in rented homes

This white paper has been buzzing around since 2019 but has suddenly been published ahead of an expected autumn date.

In the paper, the government has set out its intention to give renters a legal right to pet ownership. Under the proposal, landlords will not be able to easily block tenants who want to bring in a pet, and if permission is refused, tenants will have the power to appeal. Conditions will, however, apply when it comes to shared housing and flats and houses without access to a garden. 

To reduce the risk of expensive damage to landlords, it is also proposed that tenants with pets will be required to have appropriate insurance in place that will protect against damage caused by their animals.

How can I protect against damage caused by pets?

If the proposals in the white paper are made law and you are a pet owner, you may be legally obligated to buy insurance that will cover any damage caused by your furry or feathered friends to your rented home. 

And even if this isn’t the case for some time yet, having cover in place now will financially protect you if your pet causes damage to your landlord’s property. 

At One Broker, we are able to offer Tenants Contents Insurance that can be extended to include pet damage alongside cover for your possessions, public liability and more general accidental damage.

This is possible thanks to our specialist department, which can add an extension to the insurance to cover up to £4,000 of damage per incident (with a £150 excess)*. 

This can be added to an existing policy, so if you decide to get a pet in the future you can simply add the extra cover onto your policy without having to buy a whole new one. However, it’s important to ensure that your landlord has given explicit permission to have a pet. Insurers may deny your claim if you don’t satisfy this condition. 

To find out more about our Tenants Contents Insurance or get a quote, you can visit our dedicated webpage or get in touch with me on 01223 792262. 


*Premiums are of fixed price and are priced per policy, not per pet. Price correct at date of publication: 16.6.22.

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