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Introducing Emma Cuviello

Emma has built up an impressive amount of experience when it comes to insurance claims, with more than 20 years spent in the field. We took some time out of her busy schedule to find out more about her background and discover how she helps clients in our in-house Claims team.

What is your background in insurance claims?

I started working in the insurance industry in 1997, when I was 20. I went straight into Commercial Property claims and really enjoyed it. After a few years I wanted to try working for a broker to see the other side of the coin. I joined One Broker in 2000 and have been here ever since – it’s now been 23 years! I started as a Claims Technician before being promoted to Senior Claims Technician in 2004.

My insurance career began with Property claims, but after joining One Broker I learned all about other classes of insurance, including Liability and Fleet claims. When the Torque Bike scheme started I was therefore best placed for it because motor trade policies have a real mix of cover, ranging from insurance for their commercial premises to liability protection.

How do you and the Claims team help clients through a claim?

We are there every step of the way through a claim. As soon as an incident happens, we need to be notified, a process known as First Notification of Loss. In a Motor or Fleet claim, the priority is then to get the vehicle back on the road. We need to be swift liaising with insurers to authorise repairs, and we do this by asking the right questions. Most motor trades do their own repairs, so we therefore get them to submit photos and estimates of the work so we can get them signed off by insurers as soon as possible.

We really help in the process because we can pre-empt the insurers. By knowing the process really well, we can get the right information quickly to help the client get the right settlement.

Plus, we know how to negotiate. If a client went directly to the insurer, the claim probably wouldn’t go as well. We have spent a lot of time building relationships with the insurers, and we know which contacts to approach to get help with a claim. And if insurers ask for something that we deem to be unnecessary, we will either provide it ourselves as we know the client, or we will argue that it isn’t relevant. This means that the client isn’t inconvenienced. 

What are the most challenging and rewarding aspects of working in Claims?

Dealing with all the different types of insurers and remembering what each requires is a definite challenge! Negotiating can be difficult too. But getting a good settlement quickly, and helping the client back to where they were before, is very rewarding.

What characteristics do you need to successfully work in claims?

You need to be patient, organised and methodical, with great attention to detail. Patience is probably the most important characteristic!

You do a lot of work for Torque Bike. What are the most common claims and has the update to the Highway Code had any impact?

Road risks claims are the most common claims we see. They regularly involve overtaking or junction incidents that are often caused by other road users not being observant enough. This was the case with a claim by Shrewsbury Honda Centre Ltd.

It’s probably still a bit soon to notice whether the new hierarchy of road users in the Highway Code has had any effects, although for our motorcycle clients this is probably going to make claims a little easier, while for our HGV clients claims may be a little harder.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I’m a real homemaker. I have a son and two step-children and they’re my main priority. I’m a strong supporter of my son’s basketball team, so I’m often taking him to training or matches. I also like spending time with friends and walking with my husband through the countryside or along the coast. We do a lot of camping as a family too. 

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