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EU Cover: Essential Information for Motorcycle Dealerships

Now that Britain has officially left the EU, you may find the rules about driving in Europe more confusing than ever before. To help, we’ve put together an overview of the facts so you understand your obligations when driving abroad. 

Most motor trade policies (including Torque Bike’s Motorcycle Motor Trade policies) include the following use of a vehicle in Europe:

  1. In any member country of the European Union 
  2. In any country whose arrangements follow the EU Insurance Directive and are approved by the commission of the EU 
  3. Whilst in transit between such countries

Cover usually applies to business and/or social use for a certain number of days in any one policy year. For reference, our Torque Bike scheme allows you to ride in Europe for 90 days.

The vehicle must be registered in the UK and kept in the UK most of the time. 

Do I need a Green Card to Drive in Europe?

We recommend that you request a Green Card from your insurer prior to travelling. Try to do this 15 days before you leave so they have time to send the Green Card to you. Some countries will not accept a copy, so it’s important to have the original and your insurance certificate with you. 

Your insurer will need the following information to provide a Green Card:

  • Travel dates 
  • Driver name(s)
  • Countries visited &/or driven through
  • Vehicle registration
  • Vehicle make, model and engine size
  • Trailer details (if applicable), including serial number 

It may be that your Certificate of Motor Insurance will cover you while driving in Europe, but until we are 100% sure of the rules, we recommend consulting your broker/insurer prior to travel. 

If you have questions about driving in Europe under your policy, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Email or call 01603 218290.

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