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Private Ambulance Insurance Case Study: Advanced Medical Transport

Advanced Medical Transport is no stranger to a bit of speed and adrenaline. Based on the Buckmore Park Racing Circuit in Kent, the business began establishing its reputation by supporting various motor sports events. Fast-forward to today, and they now provide private transfers, repatriation and bariatric transport alongside their growing events coverage.

With a wide range of services and 24/7 operation, having the right insurance to cover all activities without gaps is essential. So, to find out more about the business and its insurance needs, we spoke to the company’s director, Diane Simmonds.

Growth and demand

“We’ve been going since 2016. It fell into our laps really,” explains Diane about the company’s origins. “We saw other ambulance provision and just thought that we could do it better.” 

Diane herself has a medical background, having worked in the medical industry for 25 years. Her CV includes working as a nurse in all forms of patient care, as well as stints in radiology and as a member of high-dependency ambulance personnel and the first person on scene. 

From humble beginnings with just 2 vehicles, the Advanced Medical Transport fleet now numbers 23 and is crewed by a mix of qualified paramedics, ambulance technicians and first person on scene medics, among others.

Although the company began by focusing on events, their most popular service is now patient transfers. Repatriation services have also grown, and the service’s ambulances have now helped repatriate patients from France, Spain, Italy, Germany and Ireland.

Reputation is everything

As a private ambulance service, maintaining a reputation for high-quality service is absolutely key. Advanced Medical Transport is registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC), which means they are inspected regularly and have set rules and regulations to abide by. This is an important stamp of quality, explains Diane: “It’s like a kitemark – people see it and know that we meet certain standards. We are answerable to the CQC and would go into special measures if we didn’t meet their requirements.”

Staff are also offered yearly training and Continual Professional Development (CPD)  to keep their skills up to date. 

Find the right private ambulance cover

Another key part of maintaining their reputation and high level of service is having the right insurance in place. Since the very beginning, Advanced Medical Transport have therefore relied upon One Broker Ambulance (and its previous iteration of KTIB Ambulance) to find the right cover.

“Insurance has never been much of a challenge. We have a really good relationship with One Broker Ambulance and they always take the time to explain things to us,” says Diane. “And as a broker, they also find the best deals for us.”

As a result, Advanced Medical Transport’s insurance covers all of their activities, ensuring that all liabilities are protected without gaps. This essential cover includes Medical Malpractice, Blue Light, and Product and Public Liability. The ambulances themselves are then protected by tailored Fleet Insurance, while the business’ role as an employer is covered by Employers’ Liability Insurance.

One Broker Ambulance has also been able to assist when claims have been made thanks to the One Broker Group’s dedicated in-house Claims team. “One Broker Ambulance supports us through the claims process and chases the insurer for us to get things sorted,” says Diane. “They provide a really good service.”

Looking to the future

Going forward, Diane hopes to steadily grow the business further, although she doesn’t want things to become too big. “We don’t want to be massive,” Diane explains, “because then we would become too corporate and the workers would get lost, and they’re the ones who make the business.”

As part of this steady growth, Diane is hoping to capitalise on their events coverage, which doubled in 2022 and looks set to do the same in 2023. The business has also recently launched itself as a training venue, so expansion in this area is planned.

No matter what the future holds, Advanced Medical Transport can be confident in the cover provided by One Broker Ambulance and the support offered by the in-house Claims team.

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