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Introducing: The bunnies Brienne and Tormund!

Can you tell us a little bit about yourselves?

Brienne: First of all, we prefer Brie and Tormy. We’re both 61/2 now but because I am bigger (and better) than Tormy, I got named after Brienne from the TV series Game of Thrones. This happened while the series was still good. When it started going downhill I quickly adopted my shorter moniker.

Tormund: I’m named after a Game of Thrones character known as Tormund. Shane says it’s because I’m the same colour as a wild rabbit, but I’m obviously far more sophisticated. I like my water served in a bottle, thank you bunny much. Brie is certainly bigger than me, but she’s no better! She should remember that I’m named after Tormund ‘Giantsbane’. 

Brienne: I don’t carrot all about that! You’re just jealous.

Can you describe a typical day?

Tormund: Our day starts off with breakfast. Shane makes himself a coffee before attending to the far-more important task of feeding us. If he’s working from home, we then rabbit away in the background until Shane needs us to hop to it and get involved.

Brienne: By lunchtime we’ve earned a decent break, so Shane lets us roam around the whole garden fur the fun of it. Unless it is raining of course. I don’t want the water to ruin my hare.

Tormund: Once our break is up, we get back to work assisting Shane. Then it’s dinner and bed. It’s a hare-d life.

What have you learned about the business?

Brienne: We’re all ears when it comes to learning about insurance for private ambulance services. It’s an interesting sector, so it’s pretty easy to go down a rabbit hole when you start looking into it.

Tormund: We’ve learnt a lot. It can certainly be a complex area, but with Shane’s help the clients all get exactly what they need. We’re always ready to lend him a foot though. Gnaw task is too big for us to help with. 

Brienne: There’s no-bunny like us when it comes to an insurance query, that’s for sure.

What do you like to do when you’re not working?

Tormund: On our days off, we like to bunny-up with Shane’s 3-year-old son and have a play in the garden.

Brienne: Eating is also very important to us. During the first lockdown, Shane made the garden much nicer for us by taking out all the nasty gravel and planting a chamomile and clover lawn. It’s perfect for having a snack on the hop.

Tormund: There’s also some rather tasty herbs in the garden that we like to nibble on. This seems to annoy Shane though for some reason. 

Brienne: Of course, we’re not on the go all the time. Sometimes we like to have a bit of a laze around with a nice cup of peppermint tea. Lovely!

Want to discuss your insurance needs?

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