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6 tips to protect haulage businesses from cyber attacks

When it comes to cyber attacks, it is often assumed to be an issue that targets individuals or high-profile organisations such as banks or public bodies. As a result, many companies in the haulage sector continue to overlook the risk of cyber crime.

However, you may find that your haulage company actually represents a prime target for cyber criminals.

This is because today’s haulage businesses are hugely reliant upon their IT systems to manage traffic, network movements and invoicing. This makes you vulnerable to attacks that can bring down these vital operations. 

An example of cyber attack is ransomware. It can be particularly damaging as it involves criminals gaining control of your systems, encrypting them to prevent you regaining access, and then holding them to ransom. This can cause any haulage business to grind to a complete halt.

The consequences of this kind of attack on hauliers have been clearly seen in recent years. For example, in June 2023, KNP Logistics suffered a ransomware cyber attack. The resulting fallout was so severe that it resulted in the group entering administration and 730 people losing their jobs.

Protect your haulage business from cyber attacks

To keep your haulage business safe, there are 6 key things you can do.

1. Keep in touch with your IT supplier

It’s a good idea to touch base with your IT supplier regularly. This way, you can ensure that your systems have the latest protection and security updates. Your supplier will also be able to flag up any developing threats or vulnerabilities.

You should also check in to find out how often your systems are backed up and where these back-ups are stored. A back-up could become vitally important if you lose your data from an attack.

2. Evaluate your suppliers

If one of your suppliers or a partner business is compromised, you could find that your own systems become vulnerable. If another company needs access to your systems, it’s wise to check what security systems they have in place before you grant access. This will help to minimise the risk.

Schedule regular checks of who has access to what, too. For instance, if an old IT provider still has access to your systems, make sure they are removed and your passwords changed.

3. Have a cyber security health check

Cyber health checks identify potential weaknesses in your cyber security. By carrying one out, you can flag up risks and find ways of mitigating or removing them.

There are different levels of cyber health assessments, so choose one that most suits your business. Typical feedback can focus on areas such as cyber risk governance, asset management, business continuity, and training and awareness.

Some Cyber Insurance policies provide access to cyber health check providers who can periodically scan the systems of your haulage business for threats. You can then receive alerts that allow you to take early action. 

4. Train your employees

Cyber attacks such as ransomware can often be initiated through phishing attacks. This is where a cyber criminal targets an employee within your business and emails them, encouraging them to share information or click a malicious link. This can lead to cyber criminals getting passwords and access to your systems.

By raising awareness of these attacks with your staff and training them about cyber security, you can reduce this risk.

5. Prepare a plan

If your haulage business is attacked, you need to act quickly. For this reason, it is important to put together a plan of what to do should an attack happen. This includes putting together a business continuity plan that outlines your critical operations and personnel, as well as your communication strategy for customers and stakeholders.

6. Speak to us about Cyber Insurance

Cyber Insurance financially protects you should you experience a cyber attack. For instance, you can get cover to help pay for investigation costs, ransom demands and loss of data.

But insurance providers can also do more to protect your business than just pay out for a claim. With the right Cyber Insurance in place, you can also get expert support and guidance. For instance, you could access reputation management advice to limit damage during and after a cyber attack.

Cyber Insurance isn’t just suited to the largest haulage businesses either. We work with a number of insurers that provide different levels of cover to suit haulage businesses – and budgets – of all sizes.

Get in touch about Cyber Insurance

If you’re thinking about Cyber Insurance for your haulage business, feel free to get in touch. We offer a FREE, no-obligation scan and recommendations to businesses looking for cover. This will help you to identify the protection you need most.

Call us on 01603 218228 to find out more.

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