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A wide variety of minerals and resources reside in the earth, such as coal, gravel, clay, gypsum, sandstone and mineral derivatives (e.g. tin, lead).

Building on mineral-rich land can prevent or impede extraction and may amount to trespass if another party claims to have rights to those minerals. 

What is a Mines & Minerals Indemnity Insurance policy?

It provides cover against the enforcement of mining and mineral extraction rights where a property is – or may be – subject to exceptions or reservations of mineral rights beneath the land.

Who is a Mines & Mineral Indemnity policy for?

The policy protects the purchaser, lender and their successors in title, should a third party exercise their mines and/or mineral rights.

The policy will cover financial loss which may arise if the rights are exercised, including the cost of attempts to legally challenge the excavation.

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