Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why do I need insurance?

Your musical instrument may not be covered by your home insurance. If you are not sure what type of cover you need please contact the WeLoveMusicians team on 01223 792265 for more information.

2. What is the single item limit on my policy?

If your instruments are valued at under £1500 individually you only need to specify one, providing that the maximum value of all the items is below £5000.

If you have an instrument valued at over £1500 or the total value of all your unspecified instruments exceed £5000 they must all be specified.

3. How do I know how much cover I need?

Please insure your item for the higher value of either the purchase price or the current valuation.

4. Do you insure instruments for an under 18?

You can insure an instrument for an under 18 providing that the policyholder is over 18, lives at the same address and is a family member.

5. Do I need to let you know if I live away from home or keep instruments at different addresses?

Worldwide cover is granted as standard so this will not affect your premium, however if the instruments are kept permanently at different locations let the WeLoveMusicians team know on 01223 792265 so they can note this.

6. I live outside the UK will you cover me?

Not on our standard policy, however if you are a non UK resident please call our WeLoveMusicians team on 01223 792265 for more information. This does not impact your worldwide cover which you have as standard in the event of taking your instrument abroad.

7. The cover I want is not listed, can you provide it?

At WeLoveMusicians we can put together the right insurance mix to meet your individual needs. Contact Carly for a quote on 01223 792265.

8. Will my instrument be covered if I leave it unattended in my car or van?

Providing your instrument is out of sight this is automatically covered under your WeLoveMusicians policy.

9. I have lots of items do I need to list them all?

If you have lots of items it may be better for you to have a tailor-made policy rather than the Non Professional cover. Contact the WeLoveMusicians team on 01223 792265 who will be happy to talk through your needs.

If the standard policy is the best fit for you, we will need you to specify all your instruments, if they are either valued at over £1500 individually or if your unspecified instruments exceed £5000

10. Are my accessories covered under my insurance?

Providing the single items are under £1500 each and the total of these does not exceed £5000 then accessories will be automatically covered.

11. What if I need to make changes to my policy?

Whether you are changing address, have a new instrument or need extra cover. You can make changes at any time call WeLoveMusicians on 01223 792265 with your name and policy number and they will talk you through the process. There is a £10 administration fee for changes.

12. Do I need to prove the value and ownership of my instrument(s)?

For Items over £1500 each you can provide proof of this through either a purchase receipt or valuation from a suitably qualified valuer within the last five years, in the event of a claim. Items valued at under £1500 need not provide proof.

13. Is there an excess on the policy if I claim?

There is no excess on our Non Professional policies. Please see your policy document or contact the WeLoveMusicians team to find your claim excesses for your bespoke policy.

14. What do I do if I need to claim?

If you need to claim you can use this link and complete a claim form.

15. Will claiming on my policy affect my premium?

Each claim is individual so a claim adviser will explain the impact your claim will have on your renewal premium as part of the claim process.

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Excellent e-mail back up keeping me updated. Overall your Claims Customer Service was excellent and to be highly recommended!

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Excellent service as always

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I realise that my recent claim was probably very small in the grand scheme of things. Nevertheless, I'm really surprised at the speed with which this has been settled

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