One Broker staff have found supporting Spitfire Heritage Trust to be just the tonic they need on a Tuesday

19th February 2019
Shaun Lenton and Adele Rand

One Brokers Adele Rand was rewarded this month for GINcredible performance with a bottle of this British Gin distilled in hand beaten copper stills.

Spitfire Gin is the work of The Spitfire Heritage Trust and includes Rosemary for Remembrance, Borage for Courage, Blood Orange for the Fallen and English Rose Petals for the ladies of the ATA as ingredients. This Gin supports the restoration project for the Spitfire AA810 which is a project dedicated to the memory of all the men of the Photographic Reconnaissance Unit who risked, and gave, their lives during the Second World War. The Spitfireaa810 was recovered from Norway in July 2018 after being shot down on 5th March 1942 whilst on a mission to photograph the Tirpitz.

The project aims to rebuild this machine using as much of the recovered material as possible to airworthy condition. The recovery was featured on Digging for Britain in November - here is a clip from the show:

(Picture: Shaun Lenton and Adele Rand)

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