One Broker Announces Launch of Recruitment Insurance Offering

7th November 2018
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The One Broker Group is pleased to announce the launch of a new facility aimed at recruitment businesses.

Recruitment insurance can help protect your business from risk. Having the appropriate insurance cover for your recruitment business can help alleviate the burden of financial loss.

Through this scheme, the One Broker team can arrange a number of covers to meet the specific needs of your recruitment business.

This scheme is being spearheaded by One Broker’s Ed George. Ed’s experience in insurance qualifies him to provide a high-quality and professional service. His experience in the insurance industry means that he is well-equipped to handle recruitment businesses insurance needs.

Ed explains, "Advice from professional brokers is essential for recruitment agencies as the exposures they face are often not adequately covered on standard policies. We at One Broker can source tailored packages to meet the needs of this sector. I am looking forward to meeting the needs of this important, growing sector."

For more information, visit our recruitment insurance page or contact Ed directly.

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