One Broker Ambulance – Different name, same exceptional service

25th April 2019
One Broker and One Broker Ambulance logos

As of April 2019 we have changed our name from KTIB Ambulance to One Broker Ambulance. This follows our group rebrand in July last year which saw our parent company KTIB change to One Broker. We believe it’s natural to trade under the same brand to provide clarity and focus to our clients and our insurer trading partners. The most recent Insurance Age Commercial Insurance Broker listings ranked us in the top 40 largest independent commercial insurance brokers in the UK.

The change of name will have no bearing on the operational side of the business, our private ambulance clients will still receive the same level of expertise and service from our Ambulance team. The only difference will be our Logo and some updates to the website. As part of the rebrand we believe we will have greater ability to negotiate on our clients behalf with insurers using our increased scale to satisfy our clients’ needs.

We are pleased to say that since its launch in 2015 our independent ambulance insurance scheme has grown and now incorporates more services and products than ever, whilst still providing the same great service which we are so proud of.

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