KTIB Ambulance Website Integrated with One Broker

9th November 2018

KTIB Ambulance is a part of the One Broker Group. As such, the KTIB Ambulance website has merged with the One Broker site. We hope that this helps enhance your experience.

As a customer, you won’t notice many differences. The first change you may notice is to the web address. Instead of visiting www.ktibambulance.co.uk you’ll now visit www.onebroker.co.uk/ambulance/ktib-ambulance. The second change you may notice is to the look and feel of the website. While the website might appear slightly different, all of the content is the same.

There will be no changes to the quality of service that you receive from our KTIB Ambulance team. Despite the new web address, everything will remain exactly as is to our customers. Should you have any questions about the move, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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