Entrepreneurship Week 2018

12th November 2018
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Global Entrepreneurship Week is held annually for one week during the month of November. It is an international initiative to encourage entrepreneurship worldwide.

Celebrating Global Entrepreneurship Week is important because entrepreneurs help affect change and growth in our societies. Entrepreneurs create new business opportunities, which lead to more job opportunities, improved services and, ultimately, a stronger economy.

This year, One Broker is marking Entrepreneurship Week by commemorating the legacy of our heritage companies. As a company, we have a long history of celebrating entrepreneurial spirit. The One Broker Group’s heritage companies are excellent examples our long legacy of entrepreneurial endeavours. Whilst insurance broking may not seem like the most entrepreneurial industry, it is, in fact, an industry that embodies the very essence of entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurs are known for daring to step forward in business. This is something that our heritage companies did when they were founded, especially as many were taking a leap of faith by setting up. Additionally, the true entrepreneurial spirit of Robin Plaster, the Group’s CEO, has been key to building on those businesses foundations to take them forwards. In a time when many insurance brokers are disappearing, One Broker has flourished; finding new avenues to explore and new business types to get to know. Driven by this forward thinking spirit, One Broker can’t help but celebrate Entrepreneurship Week.

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