Computer Security Day 2018

7th November 2018

Computer security is crucial to protecting your data. Computer Security Day (30 November) serves as an important reminder to check that your cyber security is up to par. It’s also a great opportunity to raise awareness of some of the main security issues facing computer users, which is pretty much everyone in our modern society.

As we become increasingly reliant on the Internet and technology, we also become increasingly vulnerable to cyber attacks. It’s of the utmost importance that you ensure the data you store on your devices and cloud are secure.

Please see the infographic below for some of our best tips for protecting your data.

computer security infograph

Consequences of Neglecting Cyber Security

Failing to follow computer security protocols can be detrimental to your privacy. It can leave your personal data vulnerable to hackers, which can ultimately lead to identity theft. Additionally, neglecting cyber security can lead to the loss of data, including important files, family photos and other documents stored on your devices.

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