WeLoveLettings’ Rob’s ARLA 2019 Regional Meeting Review

14th February 2019
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The WeLoveLettings team attended the ARLA Propertymark’s regional meeting last Wednesday the 13th of February. Taking place in Norwich, the event provided members of ARLA with an update on all things lettings.

Attending the event were WeLoveLetting’s team members Rob Mills and Jo Harris. Rob is a member of ARLA and had the following to say:

"Jo and I had a very good meeting yesterday at the ARLA 2019 Regional Meeting. It was great to meet up with some of the lettings agents we work with and listen to the fascinating topics being discussed.

The first session covered an ARLA membership update and the benefits of membership. This was followed by the second session by Fixflo on Agent Maintenance Systems.

Following this was Paul Shamplina from Landlord Action and Channel 5’s ‘Bad Tenants, Rogue Landlords’. His session was very informative and interesting, which can only be expected from Paul.

Rounding up the meeting was Robert Bolwell from Dutton Gregory, a well-known Landlord and Tenant Solicitor. Robert gave an informative presentation on the Tenant Fees Ban which comes into force on the 1st of June 2019 and the penalties for not following the legislation. The session actually ran over by 30 minutes due to the interest and questions from the audience!

These events are of great importance and keep us up to date with the changes within the lettings industry. I am a firm believer that you need to know how you clients operate and how they are governed in order to meet their insurance needs, which is why it is so important for WeLoveLettings to attend. In fact, no other insurance broker attends these events as entry is restricted to members of ARLA Propertymark only. Because I have been a member of ARLA for over 12 years, WeLoveLettings are in the very fortunate position of being invited to these meetings.

The next regional meeting is in September which Jo and I will be attending… so watch this space for more updates and we hope to see you there!"

To find out more about One Broker’s WeLoveLettings scheme, visit: www.onebroker.co.uk/welovelettings

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