Portable Equipment Cover Available from KTIB Ambulance

8th October 2018
Ambulance Equipment

Portable medical equipment often forms a significant amount of the assets owned by an independent ambulance business. Many companies do not have cover in place for these valuable items. Businesses often wrongly assume that their motor vehicle insurance covers their portable medical equipment when it is contained in their vehicle. KTIB Ambulance can offer cover for portable medical equipment at an incredibly competitive price.

If your portable medical equipment is stolen or damaged, you can incur large financial losses. Furthermore, replacing or mending a key item of lost or damaged equipment can often impact on profitability. KTIB Ambulance’s portable equipment all risks insurance can help to alleviate the cost of such losses. By purchasing this insurance, your business can rest assured that your assets will be protected.

To find out more about KTIB Ambulance’s Portable Equipment cover, call 01603 218266 or email us today.

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