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These are specialist niche insurance products that the team at One Indemnity have the ability to assist Solicitors, Brokers, Property Developers and Business Owners to name a few to obtain the right insurance cover to protect their or their client’s liability.

One Indemnity will work closely with our selected insurers who have endorsed the products being offered.

We have an enthusiastic team of people ready to assist with your enquiries today. Each product has a simple enquiry form for you to complete to begin the process which in some cases is sufficient in our insurers offering terms promptly.

We aim to review our products regularly to ensure we are meeting insurance requirements for this market.


Their in-depth analysis of our broad-based insurance portfolio was highly thought-provoking - they saved us money too

- Adnams PLC - www.adnams.co.uk

We trust them to orchestrate our worldwide insurance needs in a highly complex market

- Acteon - www.acteon.com

They understand our Industry, meet deadlines, work with us to minimize risk and provide competitive rates - everything you would expect from a professional broker

- Gipping Construction - www.gippingconstruction.co.uk