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House being built

Restrictive Covenants- what are they and how can you protect yourself from covenant disputes?

Congratulations, you’ve bought some new land! Brilliant, you can now start your new project, perhaps building new properties or moving your business onto the site… or can you?

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Personal Guarantee Insurance

Do you understand the consequences of signing a Personal Guarantee?

Sometimes, to borrow funding from your bank to spend on your business, you may be required to sign a Personal Guarantee. While many borrowers may be aware of the potential consequences of this, many will sign on the dotted line with a flourish, not realising that their personal assets, including their home, may be at risk.

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legal indemnities

    Legal Indemnities Now Available from One Indemnity

    One Indemnity is now offering Legal Indemnities as part of its range of products. Aimed at Conveyancing Solicitors, One Indemnity provides a comprehensive package of related covers for a discounted price for those requiring insurance cover to assist the smooth running of their client’s property purchase.

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