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There are various types of cover you may need if you are involved in a resident committee. They are: directors’ and officers’ insurance, leaseholders contents insurance, building block insurance and engineering inspection cover. Depending on your circumstances, you may need some or all of these.

A resident committee, sometimes known as a residents association, is a group of like minded people chosen to represent the interests of residents living in a particular building or shared space. For example, resident committees are often formed to represent the needs of everyone living in apartment buildings containing multiple flats. Typically, anyone living in that building or space can join.

Resident committees are not only limited to apartment buildings. They can often be found at gated communities, rows or town houses or any other properties that share a space. Residents associations help look after the day to day running of the estate and communal areas.

Should you want to form a resident committee, you are within your legal rights to do so. Residents associations are a great way to empower leaseholders. They also give them the ability to undertake management functions within their living space.

What is right to manage?

According to Lease Advice, right to manage is ‘the right for the leaseholders of a building containing flats to take over management of the building from the freeholder, via an RTM company.’ The right to manage is legislated in the Commonhold and Leasehold Reform Act 2002.

Delegated Claims Authority

Delegated claims authority is a really important feature of our insurance offering. One Broker are empowered to deal with all property claims up to a specified limit this includes claim notification, liaising with contractors, working out the value of the claim and issuing the final settlement. We find that this unique service provides a much more streamlined and efficient process for our clients.

Competitive Premiums

Our brokers know the ins and outs of the business and are therefore well-suited to ensure you get competitive premiums. Having a broker arrange your insurance cover means that you have a professional working on your behalf.

Professional advice and personalised service

As part of our holistic service, we will provide you with professional advice regarding your insurance needs.

Working with a specialised insurance broker means that you will get a policy specially tailored for your needs. We understand that your needs are unique, which is why we don’t take a ‘one-size fits all’ approach to securing your insurance.

Trusted Brand

One Broker Ltd having opened in 2009 through its Group Companies have a long history, always striving to provide excellent service. In 2018, One Broker was again named among the Top 40 Insurance Age Independent Commercial Insurance Brokers.

Comprehensive Cover

One Broker can provide you with comprehensive cover, depending on your needs. Working with a specialised insurance broker can give you access to a wide range of tailored covers including directors’ and officers’ insurance, block insurance and engineering inspection cover. In addition to this our We Love Lettings team can help you with Landlords, tenants and leaseholder contents insurance.

Block Insurance: What’s Covered
  • Employers Liability - provides insurance protection against legal liability to your employees.
  • Property Owners Liability - provides you with insurance protection against legal liability you may incur to third parties and their property.
  • Buildings cover - will reinstate the physical building to the condition it was prior to the damage.
  • Communal Contents - insurance covers the contents in areas that are shared by all residents and visitors.
  • Alternative Accommodation Insurance - we provide costs for rehousing residents, tenants and owner occupiers should their property be rendered uninhabitable.
  • Loss of Rent - cover will pay for any income lost while the property is uninhabitable. This can include ground rent.
D&O Insurance: What’s Covered
This is a defence driven contract that provides you with legal representation should you be personally sued in your capacity as a director of a residents association.
Engineering Insurance
Each estate is unique and we will ensure that the different plant is inspected to comply with the relevant statutory legislation and also provide insurance cover for sudden and unforeseen damage.
Property insurance
If you own or rent your home then we can help you with your personal contents insurance. If you are renting out your property then we are also able to provide landlords insurance. Visit our welovelettings page.

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Key cover
  • Listed below are some of the key covers that you may wish to consider:

    • ≻ Employers Liability
    • ≻ Property Owners Liability
    • ≻ Buildings cover
    • ≻ Commercial Contents
    • ≻ Alternative Accommodation
    • ≻ Loss of Rent
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