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Recruitment insurance is there to protect you, your staff, your clients and your property should the need arise. For example, if your recruitment agency places a candidate as an agency worker into a business and that candidate causes an incident your client could make a claim against you. This is where having the right insurance cover in place can help prevent financial loss. We can cater for recruitment agencies big and small and no matter the level of cover you require we have the knowledge to be able to arrange this.

Why you need Recruitment Insurance

Recruitment insurance can help protect your business from risk. Having One Broker to deal with your insurance needs allows you to have more time to focus on what you do best: running your business. One Broker endeavours to support your goals by taking care of your insurance needs.

Without recruitment insurance, your business is vulnerable to a number of exposures, some of which are listed below. Recruitment agency insurance gives you peace of mind by protecting you against these exposures and helping to cover the cost of any financial loss you may incur.


Working with our dedicated team of insurance brokers will help you save time and resources by finding the best possible cover to meet your recruitment business’ needs. We understand how difficult it can be filtering through insurance policies and trying to find the right one for your business. This is where we come in to provide you with the advice you require to save you time and effort.


Not only will working with One Broker save you time, but our team can provide insurance support for you when you need it. This includes if you need to make a claim or have any queries about your policy or cover that you are unsure about. Should you have any questions or concerns at any point, don’t hesitate to get in touch and make the most of our team’s availability to you. There is the added assurance that you will be working with a Company who is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.


As mentioned above, recruitment insurance can provide you with security in a number of ways. Keep reading to find out more about our recruitment business insurance cover. Keep reading to find out more about our recruitment business insurance cover.

Employers Liability
Covers the continued use of access-ways (on foot and by car) and existing services in use for the past 12 months without complaint or consent.
Public Liability
Public Liability provides you with insurance protection against legal liability to third parties.
Drivers Negligence
Driver’s negligence insurance covers accidental damage caused to a client’s vehicle by an agency supplied driver.
Professional Indemnity (including Fidelity Bonding)
Professional Indemnity insurance provides insurance protection in respect of your legal liability to third parties against claims of negligence emanating from errors and omissions. This policy also includes vicarious liability to protect you against claims of negligence by placed personnel. This insurance can also be extended to include the dishonesty of both your own employees and the dishonesty of placed personnel.
Property Damage

This section of cover provides cover in the event your assets at your premises, such as computers and office equipment, are lost or damaged. Cover can also be extended to include items used away from the business premises such as mobile phones and laptops. We can also source cover for Business Interruption. Business Interruption gives you protection covering loss of Gross Profit and increased costs following damage to your premises. Under this section cover can be extended to include the following:

- Money and Assault
- Computer Breakdown

Directors and Officers
This section protects individual Directors and Officers against claims made against them. Whilst a Directors liability to the company is limited, your liability as an individual is unlimited which means your personal assets could be at risk if you were held to be liable for a claim. Cover can also be extended to include Employment Practices Liability which includes harassment, wrongful dismissal and discrimination.
Legal Expenses

Insurance protection against cost of legal representation to defend actions arising out employment contract disputes, defending summons for criminal offences, e.g. Health and Safety at Work Act, Tax, VAT and Property disputes


The cover available can be summarised as follows:

  • Cyber Liability – your liability to third parties arising out of their financial loss caused by a hacking attack or virus passed through your computer system.
  • Privacy Liability – your liability following a data breach and loss of confidential information of, for example, customers, suppliers or business connections.
  • Regulatory Actions & Investigation costs including fines and penalties, which can occur if there is a breach of Sensitive Personal Data.
  • Notification costs following a breach where you are legally liable to notify persons affected by the breach of personal data.
  • Cyber Crime/Financial Loss cover including phishing scams, telephone hacking, identity theft and theft from your bank account or misuse of credit cards.
  • Cyber Extortion – denial of access to computer systems.
  • System Repair Costs including cover for repair and restoration costs after an attack to your system.
  • Business Interruption cover including loss of revenue following a denial of service attack or following reputational harm.
  • Media Liability including protection for infringement of intellectual property rights and defamation.

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Key cover
  • We can tailor your Recruitment insurance program so that you choose to cover the risks that are crucial to you. Listed below are some of the key covers that you may wish to consider:

    • ≻ Employers Liability
    • ≻ Public and Products Liability
    • ≻ Professional Indemnity
    • ≻ Property Damage
    • ≻ Legal Expenses cover
    • ≻ Personal Accident
    • ≻ Directors & Officers
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