There are many fantastic charities and community groups operating within the third sector, working tirelessly and making a positive difference to society. Unfortunately, a significant number of these organisations are both time and cash poor, making it significantly more difficult for them to achieve their operating objectives.

Whilst it is not possible for us to financially support each and every organisation, we can offer and provide support in other ways by:

Ensuring that you fully understand your risk exposures
Offering a comprehensive, fit for purpose insurance and risk management solution
Providing a premium that is competitively priced and cover provided by a specialist, financially secure and reputable insurer

We understand that maintaining an increasing income is of paramount importance and this is why we encourage all of our third sector clients to make use of our own website by displaying their name, logo, operating objectives and link to their own website. If we can facilitate increased exposure, raise the profile of our not for profit clients and perhaps be partly responsible for increasing general donations, then we have succeeded in ‘going the extra mile’, just like all of our fantastic third sector clients.

To find out how we can tailor an insurance and risk management solution for you, please contact us on 01603 218249.